Review: Sakaling Hindi Makarating

“Sakaling Hindi Makarating” took me to places, made me remember thoughts and feelings I thought I have long forgotten.


Though I don’t find it unique since it reminded me of “My Blueberry Nights” (Wong Kar Wai, 2007) and bits of “Eat Pray Love” (Ryan Murphy, 2010), it has elements which I hold dear in my heart and I just love how its director Ice Idanan was able to capture– in an hour or more sequence of awe-inspiring moving pictures– a poignant reminder of how “human” I am.

Besides being reminded that I am only human (who falls and breaks down 😅😂😝), this film also brought me back to my classes in Move On & Find Yourself 101 which taught me that life doesn’t end when one person leaves you or rejects you or loves somebody else or is simply emotionally unavailable; finding your soulmate isn’t the end all and be all of everything (though the process one takes in finding this soulmate may still be worth it one way or another, believe me 😜).

Also a key takeaway from the benefit screening of “Sakaling Hindi Makarating” was what actor Pepe Herrera (Paul) said during the Q&A: always follow your gut (but personally, I have this dilemma of not knowing what my gut is actually telling me especially in matters of the heart hhaaaaaayyyyy).

Kudos to Direk Ice Idanan, its cast, staff, and special mention to a visual artist I admire and smother with double taps on Instagram, Anina Rubio, who contributed a large part of her art in this film. ❤

Prayers for the recovery of Direk Ice’s mother that she may get well soon. The May 21 screening of “Sakaling Hindi Makarating” was a benefit screening for Mrs. Idanan. 🙂



Thanks to my gal pal Alona-chan for going “farther than Subic” with me. It’s always a beautiful time with a wonderful gal pal-sister-lola like you. hahaha ❤


#AirAsiaRunway2016: Werk It, It’s Worth It!

I was at the verge of getting stuck in a rut. It felt as if every day is the same; the routine is becoming fatal to my penchant for a rainbows and butterflies life.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my work. I actually love it! I work as a full time writer in an APAC-ANZ based marketing agency, the salary I get can sustain a reasonable lifestyle with some reasonable extras, and I’ve got lovely office mates who are easy and fun to work with.

But I guess no one is really stealthy from the unsettling silence and blandness of routine.

Until that one fateful lunchtime when a Facebook friend and fellow Journalism school alumna, Anna Bettina, asked me via Messenger– “Do you blog?”


That’s me doing some pre-blogging duties: photos photos photos! Credits to Oxford Teehankee and his ever reliable iPhone 6s’ camera.

I  paused for a second to recall if I do, because honestly, I haven’t updated the blog for several weeks now (and most of it are documentations of my trips to nearby restos a.k.a. #foodporn).

The moment I responded “yes”, Anna invited me right away to cover the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016 where three young designers will be chosen to compete for the next stage of the Designer Search, to be held in the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear on August 2016.


Amari Mikeno looking like a lost child (but basically I am prolly daydreaming in this part). Photo credits: Oxford Teehankee

My eyes lighted up at the invitation. The almost routine-crushed part of my spirit was once again awakened, and I messaged the first person that came in mind whom I felt won’t say no, Oxford Teehankee, in case he finds his schedule free to go with me to this fashion event.

And true enough, he said yes (though his okay-i-will-go-with-you is halfhearted) and OKAY! Amari Mikeno now has something to look forward to. Yay ❤

Is It Worth It?

The night before the AirAsia Runway Ready fashion event, however, I had a conversation with Oxford where I opened up a dilemma. I told him that I’m suddenly thinking twice about going to the event.

This isn’t the first time that I have covered an event for a particular publication or institution. I’ve done coverages way back in college, during my internship at a national broadsheet, during my first job at a public relations agency, and during my tenure at a magazine few years back. But this is the first time that I covered an event for Morning Faves. For Amari Mikeno. My. Own. Blog. That’s pretty huge, is it not?


Someone is suddenly an instant fan of Mr. Andrew Tan, Founder of the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear. Yay ❤

The moment I asked Oxford to go with me to this event, he asked “What will you be getting from this event?” And I simply answered that I’ll be getting a material for my blog.

Just before I went to sleep that night, I knew I had to face these questions in my head: should I really go? Should I just pass? Will I just be tiring myself for nothing? Will it be worth it?

Among the several though-provoking questions thrown at me courtesy of Oxford, what settled my often hyperactive thoughts was this question:


Actual processing of thoughts with the Oxford Teehankee. Translation below, please read on 😀

Oxford: What if nothing happens? What if after posting the blog, nothing happens, there’s not much impact?

Amari: If the event itself turns out to be a nice experience overall… at least I had a good time.

Oxford: You already know the answer to your question.

And Oh Boy Was It Worth It?

It DEFINITELY was worth it! Fast forward to this part where the host is announcing the names of the registered media guests who were instantly joined in a raffle, particularly the last name drawn after two names were called but the people were no longer around and have forfeited the prize… I think Oxford and I both exclaimed “oh my god” as Amari Mikeno turned up as the last winning name in the raffle.


Me claiming le prize ❤ Photo credits: Oxford Teehankee (thanks for remembering to take a picture of this very special moment)

The prize? One round trip ticket to Kuala Lumpur courtesy of none other than AirAsia. That means having the chance to cover another event for Morning Faves– the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016!

Seriously, why the hell did I think twice about going to this event??

And With That Said

Special thanks to Anna Bettina for inviting me and good job to AirAsia and RubyComm-K.Austria Public Relations Consultants for a successful event. And for the round trip ticket to KL oh my god! ❤


Amari Mikeno and the very beautiful fellow writer at heart, Anna Bettina Pangalangan. ❤ Photo credit: Oxford Teehankee

And congratulations to the young designers who were chosen to fly to Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear on August 2016: Mary Camille Angeline Veloso, Ron Xavier Santos, and Bea Samson. Go raise the Philippine flag! We’ll be so proud of you guys! ❤


Top Three Young Designers competing for the next leg of the Designer Search with three of the judges Mr. Andrew Tan, Ms. Vivy Yusof, and Mr. Patrick Galang


The budding and talented Filipino Designers to fly to KL on August, from L-R: Bea Samson, Ron Xavier Santos, and Mary Camille Angeline (and that’s Amari Mikeno clutching one of the straps of her rucksack, thanks Anna for taking this picture ^_^)

And thank you thank you thank you Oxford Teehankee you know how much this means to me ❤ I hope you enjoyed Baskin Robbins. 😀


Oxford Teehankee claiming his ice cream prize for being some sorta lucky charm that helped me bag a round trip ticket to KL…teeheehee ^_^

More on this on the next blog entry! Watch out for an upclose and personal (well ok not that close and personal) encounter with the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016 Winners!

Cheesy as a cheesecake.

New York cheesecake for @karamelbutterscotch from Cab Cafe 😀 thanks for letting me have a bite hihihi

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Quesadilla with bacon inside. Quesadilla. with. bacon. dip it in sour cream. cheese. bacon. sour cream dip. Oh dear.

Photo by #SheenaBalur @veramae__
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My 11-day old “Hello, August” photo.

Again, thanks to my gal pals who gave me this Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho Alchemy daily planner 2015. ^_^

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